front end developer – 2016

front_end_developer guide 2016

front end developer guide 2016

Front end developer (or front end web developer) is not a new term now.
2012 is in the past now, but front programmers are still in demand.
Problem is, more skills are needed, and you need to prepare yourself better than before.
I’m buildint this page as an on-going guide for front-end developers.

What is needed

remarks subject
Needed as ever.
Current version is 5. This is:
– a new version of the HTML language
– a set of technologies that allows more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications.
Javascript is the most important skill for a front end developer.
This language is misleading:
Javascript if not simple !!!
It is the basis for all front end web programming:
– web site (and web application) programming
– hybrid mobile application programming
(using a framework line phonegap/cordova or other)
– server and desktop programming.
Modern CSS is amazing.
CSS controls visual aspects of your site/app.
CSS is not easy !!!
CSS is needed by designers, as well as programmers.
Some libraries are very popular, and on demand:
AngularJS (represent MVC libraries for the front end)
Ionic, the UI that goes hand-in-hand with AngularJS
react is very popular these days
and many others
 Javascript LIbraries
learn git.
understand git.
use git.
 The one and only source control solution
You should be able to build mobile hybrid applications, because it is often asked from a front end developer.
These can run on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.
(write once – run anywhere)
For me:  cordova (the open version of phonegap)
 Hybrid framework

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