IPv6 address-type dictionary

During my IPv6 journey, I have encountered various descriptions/types of IPv6 addresses (temporary, link-local, anycast, preferred ..etc.)
It was not easy to locate all of these, so I created my (ever updating) dictionary.
(see my IPv6 course)

  • preferred address” as defined in rfc 4862:
    Used …”To handle the expiration of address bindings gracefully..”
    ..”Initially, an address is “preferred”, meaning that its use in arbitrary communication is  unrestricted. Later, an address becomes “deprecated” in anticipation that its current  interface binding will become invalid”.
  •  “temporary address” described in rfc 4941 – “Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6”. Temporary address is use to “makes it more difficult for eavesdroppers and other information collectors to identify when different addresses used in different transactions actually correspond to the same node”.
    Temporary IPv6 addresses are also referred to by DHCPv6 (rfc 3315) with the same meaning.

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