Python interview question #1

What will the following code print ? Explain your answer.

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IPv6 address-type dictionary

During my IPv6 journey, I have encountered various descriptions/types of IPv6 addresses (temporary, link-local, anycast, preferred ..etc.) It was not easy to locate all of these, so I created my (ever updating) dictionary. (see my IPv6 course) “preferred address” as defined in rfc 4862: Used …”To handle the expiration of … Continue reading

IPv6 local routing

IPv6 behaves differently from IPv4 on local networks. ICMPv6 mechanism breaks the connection between assigning an address assignment, and using a prefix for routing/forwarding decisions. This article sheds some light on this new approach. (a guide to rfc 5942) IPv6 Local Networks In the IPv4 world, configuring an ipv4 address … Continue reading