python interview questions

The following questions are all based in Python 3. Explanations are short, so you may have to read further if you don’t understand the answer. 1.What will the following code print ? Explain your answer.

2. What us the value of the following expression? Please explain.’

3. Write … Continue reading

IPv6 address-type dictionary

During my IPv6 journey, I have encountered various descriptions/types of IPv6 addresses (temporary, link-local, anycast, preferred ..etc.) It was not easy to locate all of these, so I created my (ever updating) dictionary. (see my IPv6 course) “preferred address” as defined in rfc 4862: Used …”To handle the expiration of … Continue reading

IPv6 local routing

IPv6 behaves differently from IPv4 on local networks. ICMPv6 mechanism breaks the connection between assigning an address assignment, and using a prefix for routing/forwarding decisions. This article sheds some light on this new approach. (a guide to rfc 5942) IPv6 Local Networks In the IPv4 world, configuring an ipv4 address … Continue reading